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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Shakey's Buy 2 Take 8 Free!!!

The numbers 7-7-7-7-7 was dialled and Shakeys' phone rang. I ordered for 2 party-size thin crust belly busters and 2 giant bottles of Coke and got 2 pepperonis of the same crust and size for free, courtesy of Rick, "Mr. Cool Guy of New York".

You thought we got a good deal? Hmmm... let me walk you through the whole story.
My Shakey's Pizzanatic Card enables us to purchase pizzas on a "buy-one-take-one" deal, just like how Pizza Hut's Palm Card works. However, Shakey's limits the usage of the card. We can only avail of up to 3 paid and 3 free pizzas in a transaction.

Cool... the restriction is not that bad.

We intended to order 5 pizzas and get another 5 for free. Since the limit is only 3+3 in a single order, I asked whether we can still avail of the privilege if we call again. Just like in Pizza Hut, Shakey's gives that go signal to anyone.

Ok, so after the hanging up the phone for that first order, I picked it up again and ordered for a Shakey's special, a manager's choice, and a pepperoni crunch, this time all thick crust. And as a cardholder, we will be getting 3 hawaiians for free.

The first set of order came on time. ONE FULL HOUR. Yup, that was quite a long wait, but at least, hunger made the pizzas a lot yummier.

For the second set of pizzas, ha ha! They were no where to be found! They came more than TWO FULL HOURS later, while fafa Rick was talking with the team, after 4 phoned-in follow-ups, and only on the third visit of the same delivery rider! (he brought the charge slips and plastic cups on the second). My Gus Abelgas!

Of course we had to insist on implementing their marketing promise: If it's late, it's FREE! It is Shakey's who dictate how much time it would take to deliver on a case-to-case basis, unlike Jollibee, Greenwich or Pizza Hut who promise a fixed 30-minute delivery guarantee.

The real reason why it took that long is that the call center wasn't able to endorse the second order to the branch. For technical reasons or human error, I really don't know. The fact that I made 4 phoned-in follow ups, that should have sent a signal that something went wrong and had to be solved. But the call center wasn't able to do much help. It was the delivery rider who I found to possibly be the key to solving this crime. On his second visit, I gave him our second order on a scratch paper, and 40 minutes later, the pizzas came. And as I have insisted (to the call center, the branch officer, and the rider) FOR FREE.

The long wait ended and we got 10 pizzas for the price of 2.

Now is that a great deal? I'm still not impressed. Shakey's should sack its call center and contact Infinit-O for their back office needs.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

PSE Roadshow! Ortigas Abelgas!

Brownout sa PSE, kaya pa-picture muna para lumiwanag! FLASH!

Young love, sweet love circa 80's.

This way to the toilet (arrow up)

Remember the dynamic duo in Sesame Street?

Ahahaha!!! Nakakatuwa naman itong horoscope ko!

Another Sesame Street character.. this time going solo.

'Sang Linggo nAPO Sila!

Gegegegehh!!! Bell na! Recess na!

Ary: hehehe.. pagkakataon ko na... di naman siguro ako mapapansin...
natatakpan naman ng baso.

Teka, teka.. may hidden cam ata sa baso!

Reflector ako.. ingat, baka mauntog kayo sa salamin.

Last supper with Fr. Dundee

O ha! gusto nyong turuan ko kayo ng cha-cha?

Newest love team: Dennis Padilla and Chin Chin Gutierrez

Time out!!!! tama na ang picture taking! back to lunch!

Aba, aba! another leading lady for Dennis!

How I wish I could be seated in the comfy couch at the back.

Ary: Mga pare, may chick sa kanan!... hehhe joke!

Ang hirap namang kunan ang sarili. Centered na ba?

Richard: Sarap ng food
Ryan: Oo nga, kuha pa tayo.
Ary: Tangn@ tagal ng picture picture!

Hello... isang pancit, dalawang crispy pusit, at pahingi ng Mang Tomas ha!

Hmm... I think I love mining companies!

Kami na.

Ary: Here, kuchi-kuchi!...
Kim txting: nababaliw na ata si Ary
Dondon: sana magpasa-load sa kin si Kim

Ryan: Eto po ang Dekada '70
Ary: Oo nga! year 1870!

Ang cute ng kuya mo!


Lockness Monster

Press conference with Sam Milby and Richard Gutierrez

Ate Vi and Ralph?

Ok po. We'll deliver the pansit and pusit in no time!

Ain't Anito without the mystery...

Anna: Uuwiin ko yung teaspoon, ang cute kasi
Cris: ah ok.. paki tago rin itong sa 'kin sa bag mo

Hmm... the Anitokid blog... did it ring a bell?

Smile lang ako... pero sa totoo lng.. naiinis ako!
No trading policy!!! so what am i doing here?

Sesame Steet's Ernie and Bert pag off-cam, nagkakamot

I object, Mr. Gentleman from Sorsogon!
Kim: Ako sa gitna!
Les: Ako ang bida!
Ary: Kami naman ni Anna!

Richard: Uhaw na ko! Gusto kong kunin yung baso!

Hmm... a taste of PSE... more here.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Mercury Drug Citibank Visa

Joint ventures and tie-ups are certainly good for businesses and consumers as well. This thought led me to this series of product endorsements in this blog: credit cards.

First, allow me to share my Mercury Drug Citibank Visa. I enjoy 2% rebate in all Mercury Drug outlets, whenever I buy drugs or groceries. Then I also get 0.5% rebate in all my other purchases in all card-accepting establishments worldwide, paid to me via rebates reflected in my next billing statement. Some rebates may be a bit delayed, but Citibank will accumulate and credit them the next time you use the card in Mercury Drug.

Gold cardholders will enjoy free membership in Lifeline Arrows, as well as a complete Annual Physical Exam Package in Healthway Medical Clinics. A number of other health-related benefits such as discounts and freebies are extended to both Gold and Classic Mercury Drug Citibank Visa cardholders.And here's an added value for those who might be interested. From March 1 to May 31, 2007, credit card applicants who subsequently get approved will get a free P1,000 cash credit. Approved gold applicants will receive double that amount. But you must get application forms from participating Mercury Drug branches only, such as the Shangrila, Rockwell, and Glorietta outlets.


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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Newest Product Endorser! Go grab the SME Insight Magazine now!

Kris Aquino, Sharon Cuneta, Sam Milby, Manny Pacquiao. Just some of the highest paid product endorsers...

I am expected to graduate this August 2007, and I am seriously thinking of a career shift to product endorsements. Kahit libre.. di ako magpapabayad

Here goes my first product...

I came across a small booth in one of the trade events held at the Megamall around February or March. There a couple of ladies encouraged me to sign up and subscribe to the SME Insight, a local business magazine. As I saw the sample copies, it reminded me of Entrepreneur, another magazine catering to those who are into start ups, or wanting to own a small business.

I used to purchase the monthly issues of Entrepreneur from whatever bookstore or magazine stand I go to. But lately, I stopped buying the monthly issues and just settled for back issues, priced at 50% off.

SME Insight is just a new mag, publishing just its 4th issue this March/April. I love its "Vital Stats" section, and several other articles that demonstrate activities regarding the establishment of small businesses.

For those who are just around the office, you can grab the copy on my desk. For others who do not know my location... hehe go grab a copy of SME Insight in your neighborhood bookstore and magazine stand!


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sonia Roco apologizes, clarifies her statement

Senatoriable Mrs. Sonia Roco quickly responded to the reaction made by the Autism Society of the Philippines (ASP), clarifying that her statement did not intend to hurt those who have worked hard to remove the social stigma associated with autism.

ASP President Ms. Dang Koe shares with us Mrs. Roco's letter:

> April 6, 2007
> Dear Ms. Dang Uy Koe
> The comment was not intended to hurt you or those who
> have worked hard for 20 years to remove the social
> stigma associated with autism.
> Please allow me to clarify that the statement was
> uttered in a context not meant to deride or demean
> those who are suffering from autism and the people
> like you who care for them.
> It was simply a quick answer to the question,"what can
> you say about the Team Unity claiming they will make
> 12-0? My
> reply was " ano ba sila dreaming? para silang
> autistic, may sariling mundo."
> ".may sariling mundo" was what I added to my main
> statement. We are each living in our own individual
> world, while being members of a whole. That was the
> only reference I meant, insinuating that Team Unity is
> so engrossed in their own world that they shut out the
> realities of the community around them. The answer was
> directed
> to Team Unity and to Team Unity alone.
> I am sorry. if as you have expressed, the statement
> hurt you and the 400,000 families you represent.
> It might be of help to let you know that I had a
> sister who was a special child and at that time, she
> was called "retarded" and all those similarly situated
> were branded retardates. In Raul's family, his
> youngest sister was labelled by psychologists as
> "mongoloid", now termed Down's syndrome or Trisomie.
> Yes, I understand where you are coming from.
> as I hope you will understand to whom the commentary
> was directed to.
> I appreciate your feedback. I have learned my lesson.
> If there is any way I could be of help just in case I
> make it to the Senate, with your support which I pray
> you will bless me with, please feel free to contact me
> anytime.
> May this Easter bring us Peace and Understanding.
> Thank you and God bless.
> Yours Sincerely,
> Sonia M. Roco


Well surely, Mrs. Roco found a way to save herself from this crucial mistake she made, and even got some badly-needed exposure and makeover to help inch her way up to the Magic 12. Whether she was sincere or not, that would be up to the voters to decide. It is quite easy to accept an apology, but it is definitely hard to forget her insensitive act of stepping on a certain sector of society just to get some airtime. What might have really insulted families and friends of our uniquely loved brothers and sisters was the way Sonia Roco related autism to the severely-decaying world she wants to belong to, spelled out as P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S.


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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Autism Society reacts to Sonia Roco's statement

Filipinos with autistic family members were gravely hurt by senatoriable Sonia Roco's recent political yet irresponsible statement. This sentiment is shared by ASM--The Autism Society of the Philippines. Here is their reaction to Roco's statement:


"Para naman silang mga sariling mundo".
This is what Senatorial candidate Sonia Roco said when interviewed on TV Patrol Monday evening newscast, regarding Team Unity's reaction to poll surveys on Top 12 senators. She followed her statement with a hearty laugh.
But we could not laugh with her.
Coming from a respectable Educator like Mrs. Roco, families of Filipinos with autism could not help but feel hurt by such statement, given the context that it was said. After all, we have worked so hard for the past 20 years to educate Filipinos about autism, and to remove the social stigma associated with it.
We can't help but wonder...if a poll survey is to be conducted now among the estimated 400,000 Filipino families (multiply that please with the number of immediate family members and elatives, plus professionals involved), what would be Mrs. Roco's ranking?
Dang Uy Koe
Autism Society Philippines
Update: ASP already got in touch with the office of Mrs. Roco regarding this matter and is expecting her reply.


While we Filipinos are fond of cracking jokes, what I really cannot digest is how certain people would make fun of special people--the autistic, the handicapped, the poor, the obesed, the curly-haired, the dark-colored...the list just goes longer. I mean can't we just respect one another? We are each created uniquely, but we are all equals in this world, and we have no right to claim that we are superior to others. We need to even have that responsibility to widen our understanding and concern for people who are often misunderstood. Wouldn't this world be a better place if we just lift our morals a little bit higher than where it is collectively right now?


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