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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Autograph Book

I chanced upon an old man while walking along the streets of Salcedo, and I asked him to sign in my slum book. I was surprised to see that he also brought his own, which has been filled out by his friends since the 80's. Here is a sample page in his slum book:

Favorite Magazine: Pambata Magazine

Favorite Sport: sipa

Favorite TV Show: Champoy, with Tessie Tomas, Subas Herrero, and Noel Trinidad

Favorite Pastime: reading comic books

Favorite Department Store: Gaisano, sa tabi ng C.O.D. Cubao

Favorite Shoe Store: Syvell's

Favorite Home Store: Ideal Home

Favorite Actor: Tony Ferrer

Favorite Actress: Jean Saburit

Favorite Male Singer: Bert Nievera

Favorite Female Singer: Imelda Papin

Favorite Bank: Pacific Bank

Favorite Supermarket: Jopson's, sa may Earnshaw, Sampaloc

Favorite T-shirt: Crispa

Favorite Basketball Team: Uratex

Favorite News Anchor: Helen Vela and Mike Lacanilao

Favorite Weatherman: Amado Pineda

Presyo ng 8 oz. Coke ngayon: 25 centavos

Favorite Candy: yung cola-flavored na hard candy, nakabalot ng dark blue

Favorite Movie: Kambal Tuko


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