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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Shakey's Buy 2 Take 8 Free!!!

The numbers 7-7-7-7-7 was dialled and Shakeys' phone rang. I ordered for 2 party-size thin crust belly busters and 2 giant bottles of Coke and got 2 pepperonis of the same crust and size for free, courtesy of Rick, "Mr. Cool Guy of New York".

You thought we got a good deal? Hmmm... let me walk you through the whole story.
My Shakey's Pizzanatic Card enables us to purchase pizzas on a "buy-one-take-one" deal, just like how Pizza Hut's Palm Card works. However, Shakey's limits the usage of the card. We can only avail of up to 3 paid and 3 free pizzas in a transaction.

Cool... the restriction is not that bad.

We intended to order 5 pizzas and get another 5 for free. Since the limit is only 3+3 in a single order, I asked whether we can still avail of the privilege if we call again. Just like in Pizza Hut, Shakey's gives that go signal to anyone.

Ok, so after the hanging up the phone for that first order, I picked it up again and ordered for a Shakey's special, a manager's choice, and a pepperoni crunch, this time all thick crust. And as a cardholder, we will be getting 3 hawaiians for free.

The first set of order came on time. ONE FULL HOUR. Yup, that was quite a long wait, but at least, hunger made the pizzas a lot yummier.

For the second set of pizzas, ha ha! They were no where to be found! They came more than TWO FULL HOURS later, while fafa Rick was talking with the team, after 4 phoned-in follow-ups, and only on the third visit of the same delivery rider! (he brought the charge slips and plastic cups on the second). My Gus Abelgas!

Of course we had to insist on implementing their marketing promise: If it's late, it's FREE! It is Shakey's who dictate how much time it would take to deliver on a case-to-case basis, unlike Jollibee, Greenwich or Pizza Hut who promise a fixed 30-minute delivery guarantee.

The real reason why it took that long is that the call center wasn't able to endorse the second order to the branch. For technical reasons or human error, I really don't know. The fact that I made 4 phoned-in follow ups, that should have sent a signal that something went wrong and had to be solved. But the call center wasn't able to do much help. It was the delivery rider who I found to possibly be the key to solving this crime. On his second visit, I gave him our second order on a scratch paper, and 40 minutes later, the pizzas came. And as I have insisted (to the call center, the branch officer, and the rider) FOR FREE.

The long wait ended and we got 10 pizzas for the price of 2.

Now is that a great deal? I'm still not impressed. Shakey's should sack its call center and contact Infinit-O for their back office needs.