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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Newest Product Endorser! Go grab the SME Insight Magazine now!

Kris Aquino, Sharon Cuneta, Sam Milby, Manny Pacquiao. Just some of the highest paid product endorsers...

I am expected to graduate this August 2007, and I am seriously thinking of a career shift to product endorsements. Kahit libre.. di ako magpapabayad

Here goes my first product...

I came across a small booth in one of the trade events held at the Megamall around February or March. There a couple of ladies encouraged me to sign up and subscribe to the SME Insight, a local business magazine. As I saw the sample copies, it reminded me of Entrepreneur, another magazine catering to those who are into start ups, or wanting to own a small business.

I used to purchase the monthly issues of Entrepreneur from whatever bookstore or magazine stand I go to. But lately, I stopped buying the monthly issues and just settled for back issues, priced at 50% off.

SME Insight is just a new mag, publishing just its 4th issue this March/April. I love its "Vital Stats" section, and several other articles that demonstrate activities regarding the establishment of small businesses.

For those who are just around the office, you can grab the copy on my desk. For others who do not know my location... hehe go grab a copy of SME Insight in your neighborhood bookstore and magazine stand!