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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sen. Flavier endorses Nikki Coseteng

The people's favorite, Sen. Juan Flavier ends his political career this year, when his term expires as senator. In the Philippines, a senator cannot serve for three consecutive terms. Flavier wishes that people would vote for Nikki Coseteng this May 2007.

"Graduate na ako sa Senate ngayon. Gusto ko si Nikki Coseteng ang papalit sa akin sa Senado (I’m graduating from the Senate now. I want Nikki Coseteng to replace me in the Senate)," Flavier said during a recent meeting of the Filipino-Chinese Business Association.

Coseteng, who previously served two terms in the Senate after a five-year stint at the House of Representatives, has been known as a staunch nationalist and advocate of women’s rights.

An endorsement from Flavier definitely carries weight and could translate into votes for Coseteng.

Flavier is considered as one of the most respected public officials. He gained popularity when he headed the health department because of his straightforward and down-to-earth approach to public health problems.

Special thanks to the Manila Bulletin



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