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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Eeewwwhhh... I bought a balut (duck fetus) on my way home last night...

As I cracked the shell... oohhh... so disgusting! I usually eat only the yolk and the whites... but for this one... I was disappointed with the small egg.

Feeling cheated, I needed to get even. I swallowed the whole thing! Yuck! But really delicious!!!

I now belong to the exclusive club of Filipinos and foreigners who have eaten the aborted duck... Really yummy!!! You gotta try it!!!

(These are not my actual video and photos, ok?)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I forgot the title

I used to sing this song...

"Look at me I'm twenty three
Beautiful, a sight to see tonight
A little dress to draw the press
And I'll be leaving all the rest behind
Well be pleased, girlIf this is what you wanted
The whole world is watching you take the stage
What will you say

Aren't I lovely
And do you want me cause
I am hungry for something that will make me real
Can you see me and
Do you love me cause
I am desperately searching for something real

I close my eyes
Imagine time will not forget my sacrifice
I numb the ache and decorate my emptiness
Stand naked in the light
Well be pleased, world
If this is what you wanted
This young girl is everything that you made
What will she say...
The world goes home
The lights go down
My lipstick fades away"