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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What's in a Name?

A lot of people would associate my name with the showbiz actress Cristina Gonzalez. She used to be called “Kring-kring” back then. Questions like “How are you related to the actress?”, and even “Are you an actress?”(hahaha.. :-P) are not new to me. In fact, I am quite expecting those questions to be blurted out once I reveal my full name.

Do you know that I once hated my name? Cristina Gonzalez, the actress, had been once tagged as S.T. Queen. During my childhood years, I was teased by my classmates for having such name. I felt hurt and discriminated. Then I would cry really, really, REALLY hard in a place where no one can find me. I know that thing was really petty. But for a young kid who felt that she didn’t belong, that thing sucked. As years passed, I learned to get over with it and soon enough the teasing stopped. I don’t know how it happened. Maybe those bunch of bully kids grew up or maybe, I just came to love the idea that my name is linked to the actress.

Maybe that’s how we should face our own battles. Like me, I guess you also have those i-wish-i-was-not-me moments. But come to think of it, every single detail in you is created because of a purpose. We may not understand it right away but just continue to have faith. Believe in something. Believe in yourself. Learn to appreciate what you have.

When I look back, I couldn’t help but to just laugh at it all. The good part of my childhood story is that my name helped me, in a way, to be noticed in a group of people which eventually leads me to be more sociable and win friends. For me, that’s more than enough return for all the pains that I went through with it.


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