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Monday, August 28, 2006

Me, Myself and Christine

Hi everyone! Bloggin’ here is 3x+y’s most adorable member (hahaha… right groupmates?). My full name is Maria Christina S. Gonzales. I am 23 years old and I live in Calamba City, Laguna.

I am a big fan of my bed and pillows. In other words, I love to sleep! I sleep with lights on or lights off. I sleep whenever I find a chance, be it for more than10 hours straight or 10-minute break. I just love doing it.

I am also fond of black coffees. No sugar, please. It is best with any plain bread that I could break into small pieces and dunk in the hot cup. This combination is great especially when I want to resist the unwanted temptation that my bed and pillows give me.

I have a weakness for siomai. I am addicted to it since I was in college. For me, siomai provides a therapeutic effect. Whenever I am sad or sick, all I could think of is to find a siomai house. My friends usually give me siomai as a peace offering. I must admit that with it, I feel better.

Guys, I also have to add the following to my list of favorites: shopping, surfing the internet, watching movies, the word “SALE”, TV game shows, jokes, Friendster, my hyperactive dog, my first nephew, the world map (because I dream of traveling the world), my dad, my mom, my bebe, my INFOTE classmates and professor, and my team mates 3x+y.

What else? Hmm… I am a licensed nutritionist-dietitian. I got my degree from the University of the Philippines Los Banos, Laguna, the land of irresistible Buko pies and espasol. I spent my elementary and high school years in Colegio de San Juan de Letran (Arriba!). These places carry a lot of stories about memories of yester-years. Some of them are good and some are just not-so good.

Actually as a kid, I already knew the value of hard work and money. At the age of 11, I had a job in our Municipal Health Center for the summer. The following year, I became a tour guide staff in the historical house of Jose Rizal (pretty exciting). During high school, I sold my teacher's baked goodies to my classmates during break time. I was her favorite student. Then in college, I was an assistant teacher for the university’s after school care program for the employees’ children.

My first real job came in after I graduated in college. It It was with Slimmers World International. The company is a pioneer in the wellness industry. Basically, I handle clients’ diet program then eventually, I became part of the management committee. On the side, I accepted a consultancy work for a hospital in Batangas. After a year, the project is already finished so I let go already.

Getting an MBA education never occurred to me until the day that I realized the need for something better than what I already have. I wanted to accomplish more and to explore other possibilities. On my first year, I was able to balance my time for school and work at Slimmers. But at the start of this school year, I finally decided to resign. I feel that I need to invest more time to my studies so I can grasp as much learning as I can since I do not have a concrete background in some business management subjects.

Right now, I am living my life one day at a time. Slow and easy. I like to keep it this way for a couple of months more. Just me, myself and I.

I still have so many things to share about myself but I guess I should reserve it for my next entry. So til my next blog!


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