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Monday, August 28, 2006


My weekend was a total mess, all I can think about was how unhappy I am. Last Friday, it was the first time that I had a fight with my boss. What's the catch? Well everyone fights with him, but not me...then all of a sudden we had to argue...and then eventually had to raise our voices. It was so terrible!

To relieve my anxiety, I decided to have a "House" marathon. My first encounter with the said drama series was when I spent my Christmas vacation in Baguio with my Auntie's in-laws. I only watched a couple of episodes, but the Dr. House-Dr. Cameron thingy really caught my attention.

Last week, I asked my boyfriend to buy me the complete 1st and 2nd season... and the marathon begun last Saturday night. As each episode passed by, I begun having this crush on Dr. House. I have always been attracted to the intelligent ones. I admire him to his cool yet genius looking type. I admire him for his honesty, especially his capacity to make really good arguements with his boss...his capacity to bring out the best from his team. I admire him for not being able for feel the emptiness. I wish I had those qualities so I will not get hurt anymore. I say that Dr. Cameron and I have the same taste when I comes to men, and I really hope that in whatever season it is, they will end up together!

I can't wait for this coming weekend when I will be able to see the second season. It is my official stress reliever nowadays. I hope for either of the two: I hope tto find another stress reliever after I watch the second season or I hope that I will become less stress (the first wish is more reliastic than the latter)

- Lou Rose


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