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Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's me... Dexter! and I'm bloggin!

Hello my friends! I’m Dexter Lim, 27 years of age, from Quezon City, Philippines. My hobbies include eating and sleeping, hehe… Well, you could also include surfing the net, taking candid pictures, reading and watching the news, malling, chatting online, investing in crazy stuff, and again, my favourites, (though I seldom find time to do them)… eating and sleeping!!!!

I am an Industrial Engineer, who got my bachelor’s degree from the University of Santo Tomas. I spent my younger years studying in St. Jude Catholic School, near the Malacanang Palace (and the lovely Pasig River of course), from preschool all the way to high school.

Right after college, I worked for Paperlink, Inc. as Production Planning and Quality Control Supervisor. Later on, I became Production Manager for the said company. Paperlink is a manufacturer of quality paper products, such as notebooks, folders, bond paper, pads, envelopes, gift wrappers and the like, and carried brand names such as Vision, Victory, Scribbles, Standard, and Mica.

I had a fulfilling and enjoyable work, but I felt I wanted to have more. I reflected and found out that I was searching for more knowledge and was not fully satisfied with what I was learning and achieving at work. So in June of 2005, I enrolled in the Ateneo Graduate School of Business in Rockwell Center, Makati, and found what I’ve been longing for. I stayed on with my work, and balanced my time to concentrate too on my studies for the MBA Program.

School became tougher and tougher, though enjoyable, and there came a time when I needed to choose between school and work. I had to make a very important decision, and I chose to give up my career in April 2006, and just concentrate on my studies. This allowed me to fully absorb all that I gain from school, and spend some time for myself and my loved ones.

Philippine economy was not getting better, and so I accepted a new job come July 2006. I entered an entirely different world...

Here I am now, with my other groupmates—the hotbabes of 3x+y—Christine, Lou Rose and Taty, doing our own blogs.

I first heard of blogs in Friendster, like we all did. I found that blogs were such a useless thing on the internet, mostly done by girls on their teens, talking about their crushes, their favourite sweet romantic pocketbooks, their first time to bring their dog to the pet salon... Duh!!! What a waste of time! Such an unproductive way of eating up space on the internet!

But now, I found that blogs are such a great source of news and information. Iraqi and Lebanese residents shared stories, pictures and videos that CNN or BBC were not able to cover. Citizens freely talked about corruption in their respective governments. Voters aired their opinion on presidential candidates and influenced others on making important decisions for their country. Businessmen extensively marketed their products and services, virtually free from advertising expenses.

Truly, blogs have shaped the new internet, with a whole bunch of features that everyone can use for their own purpose. Count a few more months and we would probably see the blogosphere evolving into another dimension, probably as a new portal, alternating as the new cyberspace with loads of information and functions that cater to all our needs online.

- by Dexter


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