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Friday, August 25, 2006

Devil wears Prada

New grad Andy Sachs takes her college drab fashion sense to be an assistant at Runway Magazine, run by Miranda Priestly, only the most powerful name in fashion. Soon Andy realizes that in an office full of very slim women in haute couture, she may be a little out of place. But she knows that many girls would kill to get a foot in Runway's door and answer to Miranda's beck and call. Not one to give up that easily, she gets a makeover and soon acts like she's been in the industry forever. But the more she is with Miranda, the more she sees that a fabulous life isn't always a happy one. How much sacrifice does great success require?

I was so happy that I decided to watch this movie during its advance screening. I can relate to Andy since I have difficulties at work also, difficuties with office politics and managing my not-so-easy-to-please boss. There was one scene that I love, it was when Andy was complaining to the fashion editor about her boss saying that all the good things that she has done is not appreciated and one wrong move is totally a big deal. The fashion editor told her to quit her job, and Andy said that it's unfair, and the fashion editor told her, then she should not complain. Ouch!!! I have been complaining about my work since what January 2006??? And there were so many times that I wanted to give up. I wish it was so easy to just resign, but someone there are a lot of things that makes me think twice. I don't want to give up, but I'm afraid that I will just collapse one day. "How much sacrifice does great success require?", my answer, I don't know but I hope its not worth my happiness!

-Lou Rose


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