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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Little Loulou

Hello guys! I'm Lou Rose Elaine Franco, one of the member of the 3x+y group.

I have a really long name huh? Well, there's actually a story to why my parents gave named me as such. It's a combination of my dad, mom and grandmother's name. My dad is Luisito (Lou) Victor Franco and he is currently working as a Production Director for the Public Relations Department of Saudi Aramco. My mom is Rosemarie (Rose) Fong Franco and she is an elementary teacher at an international school in Saudi Arabia. As you noticed, both my parents are working abroad, thus the one who served as my guardian is my grandmonther, Elen (Elaine) Fong. Makes sense right?

I consider myself as a home buddy, I prefer to stay at home to rest than going out during weekends. My past time is going around supermarkets and department stores, I like to see how prices of different items change as well as to see if there are new items in the market. I love trying things, especially when the TV ads or the description of the item is something that interest me. I love Divisoria, you can buy almost anything there at a very reasonable price. When my mood is not so good, I find comfort in Kowloon Pork Pao, Meiji Black Chocolate or any Dimsum! I'm very addicted to Taiwanese/Korean series that I can finish a whole series in just 2 days.

I'm half chinese half filipino, but since I grew up with my grandmother, I was more exposed with the Chinese culture thus enrolled in a Chinese school from nursery to high school. I studied in Grace Christian High School for around 12 years, which earned me a loyalty award. After high school, I went to De La Salle University and took up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.

After graduation, I worked for the Industrial Engineering department of DLSU as an Assistant Lecturer. I taught subjects like Cost Accounting, Statistics and Operation Management to sophomore engineering students. During that time, I also worked as a Research Assistant for their Center of Operations Research and Management Science of DLSU, primarly doing mathematical programming.

My first corporate job was being a Buyer for the Jollibe Foods Corporation. I handled the purchasing and supply management of chicken products (ChickenJoy) and other commodities such as oils, dressings, flour and dairy products. After 4 months, I moved to Mead Johnson Philippines as a Supply Planner. I consider my employement with MJ as one of the best things that ever happened to my life. I was able to meet real friends, had a good mentor and was exposed to the multinational way of operations (relying heavily on technology, especially ERP). MJ has a good working environment since employees work together as a team. Now, I am with McKenzie Distribution as a Supply Chain Manager for Procurement and Planning. Yes, I move a lot...but its not because of the compensation but more on the learnings and experience that I would be able to get, i have been into the academe, food industry, manufacturing industry and distribution industry...who know's what lies ahead.

My goal in life is simple, to finish MBA and to excel in the field of Supply Chain Management. I work very hard and see to it that I deliver based on my commitments.


Blogger Dexter said...

Whew little Loulou! such an interesting profile! are you in any way related to Janice Fong?

August 27, 2006 1:29 PM  

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