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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tropang Tulfo

I have not been a follower of the Tulfo brothers... although I am aware that each one of them has been making so much noise in the tri-media, both individually and as brothers. I hated how they talked, how they exaggerated small issues, how they inconsiderately hurt the feelings of their subjects. Until just recently.

Now, the tables have been turned. They have been booted out from RPN-9. It is now the Tulfo brothers--Mon, Raffy, and Erwin, who are the subject of an arm of vengeance. I feel sad that they need to suffer this much. I just hope that media and press freedom won't get knocked down by some influential beings in power. It is a great challenge for media practitioners to fight for press freedom, and we do hope that everyone gets vigilant and do his share in this undertaking.



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