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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

FREE Dinuguan* to Guimaras residents and tourists

So, it has been one month since that tragic incident in Guimaras. Oil from Petron devastated the lives of thousands of residents and wiped out the world-reknown island from the tourist map. Kinda odd coz as a top Philippine corporation, Petron hasn't done much to regain public trust. They have initiated clean-up drives that have been criticized by many, and their efforts are put into waste as they seem to fail in achieving any progress.

The problem was when Petron pointed its finger to the Solar I barge provider--yeah, Petron has its point, but to use fingerpointing as its first defense? Nah!.. Just look at Caltex and Shell, how they create an environment-friendly image that's appealing to the public. Petron should learn its lesson and exert more effort in regaining public trust, even if it couldn't anymore revive the spactacular site we once known as Guimaras.

* "Dinuguan" is a native Filipino dish that is made of pork meat, ears, intestines and other internal organs, cooked in pig's blood and vinegar. It is black in color, and served best with steamed rice or rice cake. Also called "blood stew".

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Anonymous Mark Israel said...

Petron, learn from your experiences. Do your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in every portion of your business, especially with your outsourcing of businesses - Next time, read the label - make it sure the they have all the safety and quality programs, therefore making the transportation of oil safer (I am talking about the barge), finally, integrate your CSR programs to the genes of your company, not only as PR tools. Now you see, when you dont do business properly? It becomes more costly, right?

September 14, 2006 9:23 AM  

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