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Friday, October 20, 2006

PNP Morning Delight

I was headed for a devastating day by starting with a morning mess-up along Blumentritt, fronting CGH. Such a "hambog" chinky-eyed car owner appeared to be more demanding than his mishap victims.

I reached the police station and was delighted to meet a couple of friendly policemen, one of whom went out of his way to help us.

What was destined to be a bad hair day turned out to be a great one, a very good morning, courtesy of the Blumentritt police station.

I have not thanked them much for what they have done, but thinking again... I realized that a simple "thank you" would do. Anyway, it's their duty to serve the people. And so I think I have thanked them enough.

Other policemen and government officials should do the same--serve their countrymen by all means.

And besides, according to my statistics, there is a 90% chance that I would again have an encounter with a policeman in the next 14 days, and with an alpha = 0.05, I am 95% confident that it would not be as pleasant as today's.


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